Beauty Supplies

In-stock salon wholesale beauty supplies

Qosmedix is a leading supplier of wholesale beauty supplies. Bring quality and value to your spa, salon or beauty counter with the latest products from your favorite brands. We offer a wide selection of beauty supplies and accessories ranging from disinfecting and cleaning supplies to single use, disposable applicators. Find everything you need at Qosmedix to maintain a hygienic and organized workstation.

Keep It Clean

Qosmedix was founded on the concept of hygienic skincare and makeup application to help avoid cross-contamination in a retail setting. Build trust with your clients and ensure repeat business by practicing the highest standard available in hygiene with sanitizers and cleansing solutions from revered brands including Cinema Secrets, Brush Off, Purell, Barbicide, Lysol and LUCAS-CIDE. Whether you’re sterilizing surfaces between client visits, cleaning makeup brushes between applications, or disinfecting tweezers, scissors and other tools, we make it easy to maintain an immaculate workstation or beauty counter. You’ll find everything you need to keep your business clean and customers safe, including hand sanitizers, disinfectants, makeup brush cleaner and makeup sanitizing sprays.

Tools of the Trade

The Qosmedix product offering has been expanded over the years to address trending product categories for beauty professionals. From Tweezerman® tweezers to brow grooming scissors and combs, Qosmedix has eyebrow grooming covered with all of the coveted tools needed to create a perfectly shaped brow. We also maintain a large inventory of false eyelashes and lash extension supplies for makeup artists and lash artists to use on their clients. Everything you need to give your clients a memorable experience is available at wholesale pricing with various customization options.

Don’t Miss the Opportunity to Upsell

Customers love to take the salon or spa experience home with them. Maximize your point of sale retail displays by stocking them with attractive accessories that complement your services. Items like LED lighted tabletop mirrors and bath accessories can catch your client’s eye and enhance your bottom line. Our retail items arrive at your door individually wrapped or boxed and ready to display, making it easy to keep up with your customers’ demands.