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Qosmedix carries a full assortment of disposable undergarments for use during spa treatments and spray tanning sessions. These single-use items are essential in the beauty industry where proper hygiene is critical to the safety of clients. Our disposable apparel and undergarments include premium quality, yet economical products, such as headbands, slippers, sticky feet, panties, bras and men’s shorts. Our selection of draping ensures comfortable coverage during spa treatments. We also have a large inventory of items designed for professional safety and protection, including nitrile gloves and aprons. From luxury, washable robes to single-use undergarments, we specialize in salon and spa supplies that enhance peace of mind and save valuable time.

We stand at the forefront of providing superior products for the beauty industry. That’s why we understand the importance of offering convenience while maintaining hygienic practices. Our luxurious robes support proper hygiene in a spa environment, while adding that indispensable element of comfort. We also have a superior linen selection that features sheets, table covers, blankets and other products that help maintain a sanitary and professional work environment. Qosmedix is a leading source for washable salon apparel, spa wear and linens. From pedicure slippers to disposable undergarments, our products meet the unique demands of discerning spa and salon owners. For decades we have been recognized as an industry supplier with a commitment to unparalleled customer care. Our team of specialists welcomes your inquiries concerning both washable and disposable salon apparel. They are ready to share their extensive knowledge today.