Qosmedix Business Select – Purchasing Made Simple

Qosmedix Business Select - Purchasing Made Simple

For the past thirty years, Qosmedix has been servicing leading beauty brands and retailers worldwide who seek out innovations in managing multi-retail locations cost-effectively and efficiently. In the ever-changing beauty landscape, Qosmedix strives to advance and strengthen our processes to provide practical solutions for our customers.
Getting a Head Start on the Holidays: Your Guide to GWP Shopping

While most people are gearing up for beach days and warmer weather, retailers and business owners everywhere are already planning for the 2018 holiday season.

KANBAN: A Tried and True Inventory Management Solution

Preparing Your Client for a Spray Tan or Wax

The logistics of running a business and managing inventory can be complex. At Qosmedix, our approach has always been to make ordering as easy as possible for our customers. Over the years, we have developed a number of add-on services to help streamline this process.

Preparing Your Client for a Spray Tan or Wax

Preparing Your Client for a Spray Tan or Wax

As the seasons change and the weather starts getting warmer, the demand for spray tans and waxing services steadily increases. Nothing can ruin a vacation faster than a streaky tan or irritation from a wax – it’s best to ensure that both you and your clients are adequately prepared for a treatment!

Synthetic vs. Natural Makeup Brushes

Makeup Artist Must Haves

What’s the Difference?

Whether you’re a makeup newbie or a seasoned pro, it’s always helpful to brush up on your beauty education from time to time. Knowing the different hair types and purposes of makeup brushes is integral to your success as an artist.

Makeup Artist Must-Haves

When it comes to building your kit as a makeup artist, a key point to remember is quality over quantity. Don’t make the mistake of overstuffing your kit, otherwise you’ll spend more time searching through an endless sea of supplies than working on your client!

Top Essential Hygienic Supplies for Retail Counters

It’s easy for customers to get caught up in the excitement of a store full of new skincare products and makeup. Sometimes this can lead to unsanitary practices such as finger swatching, double-dipping and even direct application (the horror!). In addition, complimentary makeovers are now offered regularly at cosmetics counters, so all beauty advisors must be fully stocked with plenty of disposable supplies.

How to Properly Apply False Eyelashes on Your Clients

False eyelashes come in all shapes and sizes, and everyone has their own unique way of applying them. Here at Qosmedix, we carry an expansive collection of lashes and accessories – including Ardell® and DUO® brands as well as unbranded lashes that can be private labeled.

Condensing Your Kit: How to Depot Makeup

Trying to lighten the load of your makeup kit without feeling as if you are missing all of your essentials can be a tough task to accomplish. However, when work forces you to travel with your kit, condensing is a must! No one wants to lug around a heavy bag all day (not to mention it can do some serious damage!).

Top tools for Special FX Makeup Artists Featuring Guest Blogger– Kel Liew

Halloween is right around the corner, which means potential clients are most likely submitting their requests for all sorts of scary, ugly, gory or aging Special FX makeup. Maybe you’re even trying to create the perfect balance of scary and daring yet costume party-friendly for yourself! If you’re not already a prosthetics designer or FX pro, the thought of transformation makeup shouldn’t scare you. We asked SFX Artist Kel Liew to share some tips to help simplify the process –