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Exfoliating Bath Glove with Retail Hang Tab

Gently exfoliate the body with this textured polyester bath glove. Perfect for resale, this item conveniently comes packaged in a polybag with hang tab. It can also be offered as a gift with purchase.
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Part # 599756
Colortrak™ Vinyl Gloves, Powder Free, Black

These single-use Colortrak™ Black Vinyl Gloves hide stains during salon chemical processes and feature a long cuff for additional skin protection during color or hair treatment application. They are powder-free, latex-free, odor-free and ambidextrous. Not for medical use.
Medium, 9.5 inch (241.3 mm)

Disposable Nitrile Gloves For Spas, Salons, and Estheticians

Esthetician Gloves

Commercial beauty services require esthetician gloves that are constructed for superior performance in the spa or salon setting. We have a comprehensive selection of latex-free gloves featuring nitrile, vinyl or cotton materials. Our cosmetology gloves support sanitary beauty services. Gloves with textured fingertips deliver a more secure grip. In contrast, smooth-finger styles are preferred when greater dexterity is required. Powdered gloves are designed for ease of removal. Our exfoliating gloves are beneficial beauty tools during body treatments. These gloves are also popular retail or “gift with purchase” items. When a full glove is not required, our comfortable fingercots protect individual fingers during services.

Disposable Nitrile Gloves Resist Chemicals

With their chemical resistance, disposable nitrile gloves are useful in spa and salon settings. We offer a comprehensive range of nitrile gloves with style, color and size variations. Powder-free and textured fingertip options are available. In addition to the beauty environment, wholesale nitrile gloves can support a full array of workplace applications. While providing protection, they offer optimal comfort and a tactile feel. Disposable gloves made totally of nitrile resist chemicals to a greater degree than latex or vinyl gloves of similar thicknesses. Qosmedix is your trusted source for salon and spa apparel – from bulk nitrile gloves to disposable underwear. Contact our friendly sales professionals if you need assistance in ordering quality wholesale gloves.