Part # 502096
Water Resistant Peel & Stick Conditioner Label

Categorize your travel sized toiletries with this water resistant peel and stick conditioner label.
1 inch x 2 inch (25.4 mm x 50.8 mm)

Brush Cleanser Label

Identify bottles containing brush cleanser with this clear rectangular label that visibly says "Brush Cleanser" in lettering.
More Options Available

Part # 502010
Round Matte Paper Labels, White

Use this 1 inch round matte white paper label to write information on your products that are on display for retail sale or sampling.
1 inch (25.4 mm)

Part # 502115
Water Label, Clear with White Lettering

Identify bottles containing water with this clear rectangular label that visibly says " Water" in white lettering.
1 inch x 0.375 inch (25.4 mm x 9.5 mm)

Custom Cosmetic Labels

Sample and retail product identification is easier with custom cosmetic labels from Qosmedix. We offer a range of write-on, preprinted and customizable labels that can be affixed to wholesale cosmetic jars and bottles. With a handwritten label, accurate product details are clearly displayed. Labels can also be custom printed when orders meet our minimum requirements. We offer convenient kits that include a jar, a cap and a writeable label in one product. Our selection of cosmetic packaging labels includes water resistant, paper, and adhesive-backed options. In addition, we provide tabbed sifter seals that are designed to prevent spills and product loss. Like our cosmetic product labels, seals come in convenient rolls and can be custom printed. Preprinted cosmetic “Tester” labels are another packaging essential that we provide. These products allow testers to be quickly identified by clients.

Labels for Cosmetic Packaging and Products

The distribution and organization of products is supported by our cosmetic packaging labels. These informational tools can display a product’s name, shade, contents, or date of formulation. Our rectangular or round labels share key details regarding your sample or resale items. They are available in sheets and rolls. Our preprinted labels for cosmetic jars can also provide alerts about ingredients, such as alcohol, that a product contains. At Qosmedix, we offer an extensive selection of cosmetic bottles, vials, jars and other quality packaging products. We have sleek makeup organizers and versatile cosmetic bags to meet your display and promotional needs. Do you have packaging questions or a customization request? We encourage you to connect with us through live chat, phone or e-mail today!

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