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Part # 504262
Kimono, Black

Kimono, Black
One Size, 39.5 inch Long (100.3 cm)

Order Disposable & Washable Spa Robes, Shower Wraps

Luxury Spa Robes

Our appealing selection of luxury spa robes and wraps includes soft, welcoming fabrics that complement the well-appointed spa experience. Our spa wrap features include stretchable tops and secure closures that promote client comfort. Gentle-touch, washable fabrics offer the durability needed in commercial settings. When enhanced comfort is desired, a client can enjoy the perfect blend of softness and absorbency with washable products such as our best-selling waffle weave spa wrap. The robes offer belted designs which deliver sizing flexibility and allow patrons to move between treatments while maintaining modest coverage. Though washable apparel reinforces a sense of luxury, disposable robes and shower wraps are also essential to the spa buyer. Our disposable wholesale kimono with sleeves provides perfect coverage before or after treatments. At Qosmedix, we understand your time is valuable. So we make it easy to order quality robes, kimonos and other spa apparel online, with each order backed by dedicated customer service.

Wholesale Shower Wraps and Kimonos

Hygienic comfort is vital in the salon, spa or fitness facility. That’s why we sell wholesale shower wraps made from disposable materials that provide reliable quality and sanitary convenience. When disposable robes and wraps are used, laundering costs and cross-contamination concerns are reduced, as comfortable coverage is provided. We carry wholesale robes, wraps, and kimonos in bulk or individually. Our apparel lines give clients the coverage they desire, and businesses the value they deserve. Please contact our Qosmedix Customer Specialist team to learn more.