Wooden Spoon, Natural

Part # 20267

This charming natural wooden spoon is perfect for dosing out bath salts, body scrubs, powders or other cosmetic formulations.
Measurements: 3 gram, 0.1 oz., 3 ml; 5.7 inch (146 mm)
Material: Wood
Packaging: Individually Wrapped
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5,500 Pieces to Change the Pack Out. 

Price: $0.56 Each
This product has a minimum quantity of 20
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Use this small polypropylene funnel to help pour samples of your liquid formulas into sample bottles and containers.
More Options Available

Part # 20249
Bath Scoop, Natural

This natural scoop is perfect for dosing out bath salts or body scrubs.
22 gram, 0.73 oz., 22 ml; 3.7 inch (94 mm)

Part # 20266
Wooden Scoop, Natural

This charming natural wooden scoop is perfect for dosing out bath salts or body scrubs and can also be used for promotional purposes.
15 gram, 0.5 oz., 15 ml; 3.6 inch (91.4 mm)
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