Travel Sets

Spa Travel Pack

We have simplified traveling by offering TSA-compliant travel sets that contain various refillable bottles and jars. Our spa travel packs can be used for transporting shampoo, shower gel, lotion and more. The 10-piece spa travel set includes accessories for a range of beauty products. It offers pump, flip-top, twist-top, and spray bottles, plus empty jars. Extras within the travel pack, such as a dropper and spatula, are also useful in maintaining beauty on the go. All of the empty containers come in a reusable zipper bag with a hang tab for retail display. Your clients will have a reliable, convenient way to take the spa and beauty products they love along on their journeys, or simply to the gym. There is no need to pack large bottles of toiletries in suitcases. Our compact package of travel bottles and containers will slip easily into a carry-on bag. Qosmedix provides products that can bring enhanced convenience to your clients’ beauty routines, whether they are at home or away!

Travel Bags for Salon or Spa Resale

Offer your customers the essentials designed for jet-setting today. Our salon travel bags comply with TSA and airline regulations. They simplify flying for business or pleasure. The bottles and jars inside each travel set are packaged in a clear bag for quick inspections. From lotion to shampoo, the products purchased in the salon can travel along on any journey. A five-piece, salon travel kit in a bag includes pump and spray containers, as well as the traditional flip-top bottles for salon products. Contact us to learn more about our customizable specialty items that make the perfect gifts-with-purchase or resale merchandise.