Toe Separators

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Part # 503826
Intrinsics® Toe Rope

These IntrinsicsĀ® Toe Rope Separators are lint free, 100% biodegradable, easy to weave between toes and perfect for sanitary single use. The 100% Cotton toe rope keeps wet nails from touching and provides ultimate comfort for your clients all while making a quality statement for your practice.
6 inch x 0.30 inch (152.4 mm x 7.6 mm)

Part # 503814
Toe Separator, White

Toe Separator, White
7 inch x 0.5 inch (177.8 mm x 12.7 mm)

Part # 503825
Toe Separators, Pink

Use this pair of individually wrapped pink toe separators during pedicure treatments to maintain a hygienic environment. Place them in customer's individual nail kits, retail them in your storefront, or offer as a gift with purchase.
3.75 inch x 1.125 inch (95.3 mm x 28.6 mm)

Disposable Cotton & Foam Toe Separators for Pedicures

Toe Separators

Comfortable and convenient toe separators are designed specifically for professional pedicure treatments. With our disposable toe spacers, toenail care is sanitary and simplified. These products also support flawless polish application in the nail salon or spa. Our toe spacers come in a variety of styles and offer a soft, hygienic method of separating toes during pedicures. They allow nail technicians to use nail files and cuticle nippers on individual toes safely and efficiently. Toe spacing is also essential during the polish application, when freshly polished nails need to avoid contact. White cotton toe spacers deliver an economical option for separation. These basic pedicure products can be ordered in bulk. Another cotton product is the toe-rope, which provides lint-free separation when weaved gently between the toes. Individually packaged foam toe separators are a popular salon accessory that we can customize in large quantities. Qosmedix Customer Specialists are available to assist with customized orders. You can also request a variety of samples online quickly and easily.

Disposable Toe Spacers and Spreaders for Pedicures

Quality and comfort come together in disposable toe spacers and spreaders for pedicures. These individually wrapped salon products will be welcome additions to your customers’ nail kits and spa or salon retail display. A pair of wholesale toe separators also makes a great gift-with-purchase item. Smaller, tulip-style spacers are ideal for children and teens. We stock single-use separators that maintain the sanitary nail salon environment. With our full scope of pedicure-related products, you can order pedicure toe spreaders, cuticle pushers, callus removers and a variety of high quality implements. We're dedicated to providing a manicure/pedicure selection that enhances the exclusive salon and spa experience, while addressing your unique business requirements.