"The Paisley" Large Clutch, Black

Part # 599994

Carry all of your essentials in this elegant, fully lined large clutch with zipper closure from our Paisley Clutch Collection. The black polyurethane material is embossed with an attractive paisley pattern and the vibrant pink inner lining adds a splash of color. The large size of this clutch allows it to also be used as a tablet or small laptop sleeve. This clutch includes an additional outside pocket for added convenience and is ideal to be sold at retail or offered as a gift with purchase.
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Measurements: 12.5 inch x 9.125 inch (317.5 mm x 231.8 mm)
Material: PU, Polyester, Nylon, Metal
Packaging: Individually Wrapped
Customizable Options*:

3,000 Pieces to Add a Metal Plate with a Logo, Change the Zipper Pull, or Affix a Label to the Inside of the Bag. 1 Color Logo Printing Starting at Approximately $0.75 Per Piece.

Price: $3.95 Each

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