the beauty of sampling

How to use sampling in your business to increase sales and be memorable to your clients.

Try before you buy. It’s a time-honored tradition for most businesses that want repeat customers. Think about all the places where you get to try samples before you make up your mind: e-book stores, music labels, even your local grocery store! This is how many companies gain their customers’ trust; they’re saying “We know you’re a unique person with individual tastes. Let us help you make the best choice based on what you need.” Your clients want the same treatment when it comes to beauty. That’s why you offer samples. With a little planning, these samples can send important messages about your business. In fact, there are many ways these little packages can actually boost your business. Use these tricks to make samples work for you!

Gain a Competitive Edge

There’s a reason why beauty sampling companies like Birchbox and Ipsy have become so popular. With a growing variety of options in the marketplace, you can offer complimentary samples to keep clients coming back Whether you are sampling a skin care product, hair care product or fragrance, your client will appreciate the ability to try the sample at home prior to making a purchase. One thing we all know clients love to sample is perfume. Rather than spraying the product directly on clients’ skin, try offering tester strips so they can test more than one fragrance at a time. If you would like to offer take-home perfume samples, small spray bottles are a wonderful option. fragrance sampling

Pamper Your Clients

Professional makeup artists, spa and salon owners: give your clients quality samples as an added touch that will help them remember you. Whether you’re working on a bride, a celebrity, or a loyal customer, your client will appreciate the chance to try out products at home. Qosmedix offers sampling jars in a variety of styles, colors, and sizes so you can select the best look for your business. Try the round hinged jars for a classy and convenient way to share cream, lotion, serum, or powder-based product formulas. The container has a simple snap shut that secures your product inside, and you can package it all in an elegant organza bag with your business card for the perfect presentation.

hinged jars

Test the Market

Do you have a new product to launch that’s not quite ready for expensive, high-end packaging? Sampling jars and tubes are a great way to share and test a new product. Introduce clients to your new release by offering it in attractive sample containers, and you can get valuable feedback without breaking the bank.

Don’t Forget!

The last thing you want is a client to test a product at home and love it – but have no idea what it’s called. You need to make sure they know the names of the products they're sampling! The good news is this is easy to do for little time and money. You can purchase separately any of our labels to use as needed on sample containers, or you may prefer our jars with writeable labels that are included in each package.

sampling jars

The most important thing to remember is that you must use sample containers to your advantage. They can help you make your mark in the industry, gain an edge over your competitors, and even save money when you launch new and exciting products. Your clients come to you because they want to be treated like they’re special. Give them what they want. Send them home with bags of complimentary goodies to try on their own, and they’ll remember you in the future. That’s because sampling isn’t about tossing a few free items into a bag. It’s about showcasing what your business has to offer. That’s the beauty of sampling.