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Keep feet warm and comfortable during and after pedicures with these toe-less pedicure socks.
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Part # 90608
Non-Skid Shoe Cover, Blue

Help prevent contamination when stepping into any environment by putting on these disposable blue shoe covers with non-skid sole. One size fits most.
One Size

Disposable Non-Skid Shoe Covers | Wholesale Pedicure Socks

Disposable Shoe Covers

Designed for quick coverage, our disposable shoe covers are reliable protective apparel. They slip on or off fast, and their flexible elastic design helps to keep them securely in place. We offer wholesale shoe covers with one-size convenience. Our popular covers with non-skid soles allow users to maintain more secure footing on various surfaces. Standard or non-skid shoe covers also benefit contractors, real estate agencies and service companies that need to safeguard flooring during appointments and repairs. Our shoe covers made from dependable polypropylene materials are trusted products in the workplace. Qosmedix is committed to offering a full range of disposable apparel solutions, including shoe protection, hair covers, gloves and other essential items.

Wholesale Pedicure Socks for Salons

Comfortable, quality materials are featured in our wholesale pedicure socks. These washable socks can be reused in a salon or spa setting. They also make a great gift with purchase, or gift with service. Toeless pedicure socks are unique products that keep feet warm and pampered during pedicure treatments, especially during winter months. Socks with unisex designs are ideal for shoe stores, kids’ play areas and other spaces where foot protection is provided to customers. Qosmedix offers wholesale spa socks and ankle socks that are perfect as resale items. Contact us to learn more about ordering customizable pedicure foot coverage. We’re also a great source for reusable or disposable spa slippers.

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