Small Cotton Ball

Part # 95205

Apply various cream and liquid formulas easily with this white small cotton ball.
Measurements: 0.80 inch (20.3 mm); Weight: 0.20 gram, 0.01 oz.
Material: Cotton
Packaging: 100 Pieces Per Bag
Customizable Options*:

80,000 Bags (8,000,000 Pieces) to Customize the Packaging Design or Decorate with Your Logo or Brand Imagery.

Price: $0.30 Per Bag ($0.003 Each)
Volume Discount
$0.28 Per Bag
($0.0028 Each)
$0.27 Per Bag
($0.0027 Each)
$0.25 Per Bag
($0.0025 Each)
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Part # 29550
One-Touch Dispensing Bottle with Locking Flip Top ...

Deliver liquid formulations such as acetone, water, makeup remover or alcohol effortlessly with one touch by using this natural polypropylene 5 oz. dispensing bottle with flip top cap. After filling, just flip open the cap, gently push down on the disc dispenser and the solution will rise to the surface instantly. Use a swab, cotton ball, cloth or brush to absorb the liquid from the reservoir and apply to the desired area. The locking cap creates a tight seal to prevent liquid from spilling during travel or when not in use.
150 ml; 5 oz.

Part # 95204
Jumbo Cotton Ball

Apply various cream and liquid formulations with this white jumbo cotton ball.
1.25 inch (31.8 mm); Weight: 0.60 gram, 0.02 oz.
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