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Part # 50029
Side by Side Dual Covered Sharpener, Black

This black dual covered sharpener comes with 8 mm and 12 mm holes to sharpen both eye and lip pencils of various sizes. It comes with a convenient cap to capture shavings and a cleaning stick to remove debris from the blade. An essential beauty tool, this item's compact size makes it perfect for travel.
1.5 inch x 1.2 inch x 1 inch (38.1 mm x 30.5 mm x ...

Part # 50027
Side by Side Dual Sharpener, Black

Side by Side Dual Sharpener, Black
1.4 inch x 1.2 inch x 0.6 inch (35.6 mm x 30.5 mm ...

Eye Pencil Sharpener

We want to ensure that you have an eye pencil sharpener to create a precise tip for applying thick or thin lines. Our sharpeners are built to be essential tools for the professional makeup artist. Qosmedix carries side-by-side sharpeners with dual capabilities. These tools allow you to use one product on two different sizes of pencils. Our best eye pencil sharpeners with convenient flip-top lids capture pencil shavings for less mess in a makeup kit. They flip open for fast pencil shaving disposal. You can choose your preferred color of sharpeners from our selection of pink, purple, black and silver.

Professional Sharpeners for Makeup Pencils

Adding color to eyelids, eyebrows and lips is performed efficiently and safely with a properly sharpened product. We offer sharpeners for makeup pencils with effective blades made from steel. Sturdy plastic or metal housing encases the blades. The sharpener pencil holes are available in various sizes to meet professional needs. Qosmedix carries the products that support effective makeup artistry. We also offer many quality accessories, including our cosmetic bags and makeup brushes, in bulk packaging for our customers’ convenience.

Choosing the Best Lip Pencil Sharpener

A well-sharpened lip pencil allows for proper lining and filling. We provide the best lip pencil sharpeners for creating an effective tip. Have a reliable tool for when you sharpen a pencil between each application to ensure optimal results. A lip pencil sharpener featuring a nickel-plated steel blade is made to be durable for frequent use. Its cleaning stick also simplifies debris removal for faster cleanups. In addition to sharpeners, we stock a full line of lash accessories, including dependable eyelash curlers. Contact us today to request a catalog or learn more about our outstanding selection of beauty supplies.

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