Medical-Grade, Level 2, 3-Ply Ear Loop Face Mask, Multicolor

Part # 90612

Help protect yourself and your clients from airborne germs and other fumes with this medical-grade, level 2, breathable multicolor sensitive ear loop mask made with extra high filtration. This item is fluid resistant and latex/fiberglass free. Product is not intended for commercial use by a health care professional, in a health care facility or environment. Product does not include any drugs, biologics, or anti-microbial/anti-viral agents.

• Inner layer made of cellulose tissue, sensitive, lint free, fuzz free
• Level 2, High filtration, PFE 99.7% at 0.1 micron, BFE>99%
• Easy Breathability, Delta ΔP<2.2, latex free, fiberglass free
• Softest ear-loops on the market, no pressure to ears
• Very fluid resistant, odorless

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Measurements: One Size
Material: Non-Woven PP, Facial Tissue
Packaging: 50 Pieces/Box

Price: $36.00 Per Box ($0.72 Each)
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