Screw Top Spray Vial, Natural with Pump and Cap, Clear

Part # 502215

This natural spray vial is the perfect vehicle for packaging fragrance or other liquid-based formulations.
Measurements: 4 ml, 0.14 oz., Neck Finish: 15/415
Material: PP, POM, Rubber, SS
Packaging: 100 Vials Per Bag; 100 Assembled Caps & Pumps Per Bag
Customizable Options*:

10,000 Pieces to Change the Color or Print a Logo. 1 Color Logo Printing Starting at Approximately $0.03 Per Piece. 

Price: $26.00 Per Bag ($0.26 Each)
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Achieve precise and efficient pouring with these polypropylene food grade beakers. Available in a variety of sizes, these single-spout beakers are graduated to measure out an exact amount of liquid formulations.
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Aluminum Bottle and Sprayer with Overcap

This assembled aluminum spray bottle delivers a fine mist of liquid formulas. All bottles feature a ribbed collar, except for matte white, which features a smooth collar. DISCLAIMER: These bottles and pumps are not compatible with essential oils or alcohol based formulations including Cinema Secrets Brush Cleaner as they may clog the spray mechanism and break down the color coating on the bottle. Please test compatibility before making a large purchase.
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Part # 29276
Jar with Black Trimmed Cap, Clear

Jar with Black Trimmed Cap, Clear
10 gram, 10 ml, 0.33 oz.

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