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Part # C5004
Dose Pipette assembled with Cap

Dose Pipette assembled with Cap
0.5 ml - 5 ml

Part # 29215
General Purpose Pipette

Transfer a precise amount of liquid using this 1.7 ml capacity food grade LDPE general purpose pipette.
1.7 ml Capacity, 0.9 ml Draw, 0.189 inch (4.8 mm) ...

Find Wholesale Disposable Plastic Pipettes Online

Plastic Pipettes

The mixing of product formulations can be more efficient with plastic pipettes. Perfect for transferring product into sampling containers, these versatile tools hold small amounts of liquid. We carry a variety of pipette types with different stem diameters. Our selection includes: general purpose, large bulb, bellows, and dosing pipettes. Each of our pipette products are plastic and come in various shapes. Our large bulb pipettes draw up specific liquid volumes quickly. They are available with narrow stems. We also provide plastic disposable pipettes for dosing that feature slender tubes with integrated bulbs for liquid transfer or dispensing. Dosing pipettes resemble syringes, but they draw up liquid into their tubes differently.

Disposable Pipettes in the Lab or Salon

Dispensing small amounts of liquids correctly can be difficult. Fortunately, disposable pipettes serve as valuable supplies that protect against drips, inaccuracies and product loss. Using the pipette, an exact amount of liquid can be retrieved from a bowl, cup or jar and then placed into another bottle or beaker. Our single-use pipettes in bulk packages are a great value and help to prevent cross contamination.

The Best Wholesale Pipettes for Business

Within the cosmetic laboratory or beauty environment, the best wholesale pipettes will support critical tasks. They reliably retrieve small samples from larger containers. A bellows pipette will extract precise liquid volumes for fast dispensing. Its top has a flexible, ridged design that contracts and expands, allowing liquid to enter and exit the tube. At Qosmedix, we make ordering pipettes in large quantities simple. We invite you to contact one of our knowledgeable representatives to obtain information on the best wholesale pipette products for measuring, mixing and transferring.

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