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Qosmedix Unveils Nail Design Display Swatches -Tuesday, November 29, 2016
Qosmedix recently unveiled two different nail design display swatches to meet the growing needs of nail professionals.
Qosmedix recently expanded their DUO® Eyelash Adhesive Collection by adding the popular Individual Lash Adhesives.
Qosmedix® is pleased to announce their new branded Extra Thick Cotton Pads (Part #93344), which were specifically developed with beauty professionals, spas and salons in mind.
Qosmedix recently introduced a purple heart shaped makeup brush cleansing pad (Part #599810) to their diverse collection of beauty supplies. This silicone cleansing pad is designed to be used with brush shampoo to thoroughly deep clean makeup brushes.
Qosmedix recently expanded their collection of packaging components by adding two mini dropper bottles, which are the perfect vehicles for packaging or sampling essential oils, serums, lotions, foundations or other liquid based formulations.
Qosmedix recently unveiled two innovative spray bottles that are perfect for packaging powder and glitter formulations.