Nail & Cuticle Implements

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Part # 503310
Soak Off Foil Nail Wrap

These Soak Off Foil Nail Wraps are specifically designed for a convenient and effortless way to remove gel nail polish. Simply apply nail polish remover to the cotton and securely wrap foil around the finger. Leave foil wraps on for 10-15 minutes to penetrate and loosen polish.
3.93 inch x 2.95 inch (100 mm x 75 mm)

Bulk Salon Nail Files, Cuticle Pushers, and Foil Nail Wraps

Bulk Nail Files

Salon and spa manicures require expert tools, including nail files in bulk, cuticle nippers, nail clippers, buffing blocks and other essential implements. Our extensive selection of nail implements features high quality products for professional use. We proudly offer nail salon files designed for manicures and pedicures. Our durable files come in a range of grits and materials. These versatile products are available in 100/100, 100/180, 180/180 and additional grit combinations. Products such as our wholesale tapered nail files will help shape and even out edges. Shop now to find the best professional nail files for the smoothing, contouring and shaping of both natural and artificial nails.

Wholesale Nail Files and Buffers for Salons

High quality products help to create well-shaped, lustrous nails while reducing the chance of chipping or peeling. Our buffing blocks and wholesale nail files are must-haves for professional nail technicians to keep at their manicure/pedicure stations or in a client’s personal nail kit. We have buffers in various dimensions that contribute to nail prep and add a polished look without the polish! Shaping tools and buffers feature customizable options. At Qosmedix, we provide a comprehensive assortment of manicure and pedicure products, including the best nail and foot files for beautiful results.

Buying Professional Cuticle Pushers

For cuticle care, we offer professional grade cuticle pushers, manicure sticks and cuticle nippers. Our sterilizable implements support the hygienic manicure and pedicure process. There are cuticle pushers that also serve as nail cleaners and sturdy clippers that are vital to performing pedicure treatments. Our product selection includes traditional and innovative items, such as Foil Nail Wraps that soak off gel polish effortlessly. Qosmedix wants to support your success, so contact us to learn more about proven products for your spa or salon.