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Part # 513550
Dual Sided Hand Held Mirror, Clear

This clear, hand held dual sided mirror is perfect for showing customers their before and after looks during a makeover. Use the 1x magnification side for a normal view or the 5x magnification side for a close-up view.
1x/5x Magnification; 10.25 inch x 6.5 inch (260.4 ...

Part # 513551
Dual Sided Hand Held Mirror, Matte Black

This matte black, hand held dual sided mirror is perfect for showing customers their before and after looks during a makeover. One side offers a 1x magnification and the other offers both a 3x and 5x magnification for close-up views.
1x/3x/5x Magnification; 10.5 inch x 5.5 inch (266. ...

Part # 513557
Hand Held Mirror, Black

This slim, black, hand held single sided mirror is perfect for showing customers their before and after looks during a makeover. Save space by hanging the mirror on the wall when not in use.
12.52 inch x 8.97 inch (318.0 mm x 227.8 mm)

Part # 513561
Large Self-Standing Double Mirrored Compact, Matte ...

Our matte black large compact mirror contains both a square mirror with a life-size reflection and a round mirror with 2x magnification for close-ups. This travel friendly mirror is housed inside a sturdy polystyrene protective shell. This item makes an excellent gift-with-purchase when you customize it with your brand logo.
1x/2x Magnification; 6.3 inch x 5.5 inch x 0.59 in ...

Makeup Mirror

We provide a full selection of makeup mirrors in the designs and magnifications to satisfy almost any requirement. Our larger, general purpose mirrors are ideal for the retail counter or salon station. These are self-supporting mirrors with built-in stands that set up quickly. Our folding style, standing mirrors work well as an upright mirror that is easily moved between locations. Simply fold the cosmetic mirror before transport or storage. Our best-selling, LED-lighted table top mirror provides optimal lighting during application. Handheld, single-sided mirrors are a convenient choice when revealing a makeover. They allow customers to see a new hair style clearly from various angles. Handheld convenience is also available in double-sided mirrors with both standard and magnified views. Our convertible products offer the flexibility of either serving as a counter mirror or being transformed into a handheld mirror. Our best cosmetic mirror designs save space. They can even hang on the wall for quick access. Within our extensive inventory of beauty supplies, Qosmedix gives you the best makeup mirrors that fold, stand, or hang.

Wholesale Travel and Compact Mirrors

We provide mirrors with unique designs and functionality. Our wholesale travel and compact mirrors are made with lightweight materials and are small enough to fit inside a purse. The double-mirror compact is a beauty industry standard. With two magnifications, this product is perfect for resale or as a gift with purchase, especially with a logo customization. A battery-powered LED mirror with an accessory compartment is one of our most popular products. Professionals appreciate its optimal lighting and tilt features. An LED model is an ideal choice for makeup or professional tweezing applications. Wholesale makeup and counter mirrors from Qosmedix come individually wrapped and customized by request. Choose your best option for beauty reflection today.

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