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Part # 505313
Watermelon Gel Eye Mask, TPU

Treat your client’s puffy, tired eyes with these fun eco-friendly gel eye masks made from biodegradable TPU resembling refreshing watermelons. Usage: Cool in the refrigerator and use during or after facial treatments. Warm in a pan of water for a relaxing and calming experience. Our eye gel masks can be easily cleaned using soap and water, allowing you to provide them as an after treatment gift to your clients. Do not freeze or boil.
7.25 inch x 3.75 inch (184.2 mm x 95.3 mm)

Breathable Ear Loop Masks

At Qosmedix, safety and hygiene are important parts of our business. That’s why our breathable ear loop masks are made with comfortable materials and effective designs. These disposable masks help to protect nail technicians from exposure to harmful airborne particles. Masks with higher filtration capabilities can offer an improved level of protection for you and your clients. We help businesses keep important protective items readily available to help maintain a safe beauty environment. From adhesive eye shields to disposable protective face masks, Qosmedix can assist you in safeguarding clients, staff members and yourself during spa or salon services.

Salon Face Masks and Spa Eye Shields

As a trusted provider of specialized spa and salon products, we supply a full selection of face masks that support effective, revitalizing treatments. Gel eye masks are a comforting option for both the eyes and face. Our gel masks offer a soothing touch and provide heating or cooling effects. Offered in different collections like calming blue, refreshing fruit, masquerade and glitter, they even make the ideal client gift! Our gauze masks are also popular essentials used during a variety of facial treatments. The gauze may be dipped in the facial product or simply placed over the skin after the product application. In addition to facial protection, we also offer body foils and tanning supplies. Browse our vast beauty supply selection to see all we offer.

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