Makeover Supply Kit Refill for 522105

Part # 522106

Replenish our beauty makeover kit (Part # 522105) with this refill that contains point/flat tip swabs, eye shadow and lip gloss applicators, lip and eye liner brushes, mascara wands, boomerang spatulas, a latex-free sponge block and round embossed cotton pads.
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Price: $16.00 Each
Part No. Description Measurements Material Quantity
10231 Dual Ended Point/Flat Tip Swab with White Handle 3 inch Cotton, Paper 50 pieces
66155 Round Tip Eye Shadow Applicator 2.3 inch SBR, PP 25 pieces
70850 Small Lip Gloss Applicator 3.125 inch Nylon, PS 50 pieces
76649 Lip Brush 3.3 inch Nylon, PP 25 pieces
50019 Fine Eyeliner Brush 3.25 inch Pony Hair, PS 25 pieces
80077 Large Tapered Head Mascara Wand 4 inch Nylon, PS 25 pieces
20304 Boomerang Spatula, White 2 inch PS 25 pieces
96597 Round Cotton Pad 2.25 inch Diameter (57.2mm) Cotton 16 pieces
20149 8-Piece Wedge Sponge Block, White Block: 4 inch x 3.25 inch x 1 inch; Each: 2 inch x 1.625 inch x 1 inch Latex Free PU Foam 8 pieces
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