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5 gram Low Profile Glass Jar and Threaded Caps wit ...

Sample or store various product formulas in this 5 gram low profile glass jar. Fits with corresponding threaded caps that feature a PE foam liner for added protection (Part #’s 74268, 74269, 74270 & 74283).
5 gram, 5 ml, 0.17 oz.; Diameter: 37 mm

15 gram Thick Walled Glass Jar with Lined Threaded ...

Sample or store various product formulas in these 15 gram glass jars. Fits with corresponding smooth, threaded caps with a PE foam liner and disc liner (Part #'s 74274, 74275, 74276, 74277, 74285).
15 gram, 15 ml, 0.53 oz.; Diameter: 38.5 mm

15 gram Jar with Flat Threaded Cap, Clear

Sample or store various product formulas in this 15 gram jar. Fits with corresponding flat threaded cap (Part # 502204).
Jar: 15 gram, 15 ml, 0.51 oz., Cap: Diameter: 1.5 ...

10 gram Jar with Flat Threaded Cap, Clear

Sample or store various product formulas in this 10 gram clear jar with flat threaded cap.
Jar: 10 gram, 10 ml, 0.34 oz.; Cap Diameter: 1.5 i ...

10 gram Jar with Threaded Caps and Sifter with Sti ...

Sample or store various product formulas in this clear 10 gram jar (Part # 502210), which fits with corresponding sifter with sticker (Part # 502213), flat threaded cap (Part # 502211) and flat threaded window cap (Part # 502212).
Jar: 10 gram, 10 ml, 0.34 oz; Window Cap: Diameter ...

5 gram Stackable Sampling Jars with Flat Threaded ...

Sample or store various product formulas in this 5 gram stackable base jar. Fits with corresponding stackable jar (Part # 29595), caps (Part #’s 29574, 29575, 30036, 30037) and sifter (Part # 29576) or sifter with sticker (Part # 29577). Jar capacity changes to 3 gram when used with sifter.

3 gram Sampling Jar with Raised Bottom, Sifter wit ...

Sample or store various product formulas in this 3 gram sampling jar with raised bottom. Fits with our corresponding caps (Part #'s 502207, 502208) and sifter with sticker (Part # 502209).
Jar: 3 gram, 3 ml, 0.10 oz.; Sifter: 1.28 inch Dia ...

10 gram Threaded Stackable Jars with Sifter and Ca ...

Conveniently pair these 10 gram stackable jars with our corresponding sifter and caps. Perfect for sampling or packaging your product.
Jar: 10 gram, 10 ml, 0.33 oz., Caps Diameter: 1.47 ...

Wholesale Cosmetic Jars

Cosmetic packaging contributes to a product’s presentation and a client’s first impression. That’s why we provide wholesale cosmetic jars with the quality, functionality and style your products deserve. Our jars come in a variety of sizes and shapes. They can add to the elegance of a salon, spa or retail display. We offer a choice of clear, natural, frosted, white or colored jars. Shopping by jar type allows you to quickly find a stackable, divided or hinged product. You can also shop by size to easily find the right jar for storing your formulations. Our selection of sample jars includes individual products, as well as complete assemblies with cap, sifter and sponge. Empty makeup jar designs can be specialized, such as those that feature double walls. Our airless containers dispense creams while protecting the contents from exposure. The apothecary jars at Qosmedix are perfect for spa use. Attractive jars with attached spoons hold products such as bath salts and body scrubs. We also offer cosmetic packaging labels for clearly displaying product information.

Sample Jars for Cosmetics in Various Shapes and Sizes

The smaller sample jars for cosmetics can be filled with products and provided directly to clients. They can also be featured as part of a promotional package. Order a jar that comes with a cap and writeable label for the ultimate convenience. At Qosmedix, we offer customizable sampling jars meeting larger order minimums. Customization is available on many of our packaging items, including cosmetic tubes, jars and bottles. Our stock packaging minimum ordering requirements are smaller, making it easy for businesses of all sizes to use Qosmedix as a reliable source for stock packaging. Why not browse our selection of wholesale makeup jars? You can also chat with us live for more information during regular business hours.

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