Jar with Cap and Disc Liner

Sample or store a variety of cosmetic formulations in this white, 100 ml polypropylene jar that contains a clear disc liner.

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These flexible and natural colored LDPE bottles are the perfect vehicle for packaging or sampling essential oils, serums, lotions, foundations or other liquid based formulations.
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Open-Ended Tubes with Foil Seals and Screw On Caps ...

These squeezable white tubes with screw on caps and foil seals comes open-ended for easy factory filling. The open end of these tubes must be crimped by your filler. Use them to sample or package serums, lotions, gels or foundations.
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Airless Bottle and Pump with Overcap

Help maintain efficacy of creams and lotions with this airless bottle with cap. The airless pump mechanism dispenses all of the product down to the last drop. It is also the ideal size for product testing or travel.
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