Graham Medical 1:1 Ply Dental Bib/Station Mat, Pink

Part # 99130

Beauty professionals can maintain a hygienic working environment with this 1 Ply Tissue, 1 Ply Polyethylene disposable dental bib by Graham Medical. The protective backing makes it the perfect liner or mat for work stations.
Measurements: 13.5 inch x 18 inch (342.9 mm x 457.2 mm)
Material: Tissue, PE
Packaging: 500 Bibs Per Case

Price: $31.00 Per Case ($0.062 Each)
Volume Discount
$30.00 Per Case
($0.06 Each)
$29.00 Per Case
($0.058 Each)
$28.00 Per Case
($0.056 Each)
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