GiGi® Student Starter Kit

Part # 43217

The GiGi® Student Starter Kit provides students with professional products to practice and perform a complete waxing service. This kit features an easy-to-use wax warmer, GiGi® All Purpose Honee Wax™ (Part #43222), Pre Hon™, Pre Epilation Powder, Wax Off™, Slow Grow™, 10 petite applicators, 10 small and 10 large Accu-Edge applicators, 20 small and 20 large muslin strips. Keep out of reach of children. For external use only.
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Measurements: Wax Warmer: 14 oz., 414 ml; All Purpose Honee: 14oz., 414 ml; Pre Hon: 4 oz., 118 ml; Pre Epilation Powder: 2.5 oz., 74 ml; Slow Grow: 4 oz., 118 ml; Wax Off: 4 oz., 118 ml
Packaging: Packaged in a Boxed Kit

Price: $40.99 Per Kit

Due to special restrictions, this item can only be shipped via ground service within the 48 contiguous United States and Canada.

Part No. Description Measurements Quantity
  Wax Warmer with Cover 14oz. (414.0 ml) 1
43222 All Purpose Honee™ Wax 14oz. (414.0 ml) 1
  Pre Hon™ 4 fl. oz. (118 ml) 1
  Pre Epilation Powder 2.5 oz. (70 grams) 1
  Wax Off™ 4 fl. oz. (118 ml) 1
  Slow Grow™ 4 fl. oz. (118 ml) 1
  Accu Edge Applicators Petite 10
  Accu Edge Applicators Small 10
  Accu Edge Applicators Large 10
  Natural Muslin Strips Small 20
  Natural Muslin Strips Large 20
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