Floor Mats

Salon Floor Mats

Provide your clients with sanitary floor protection in more areas with salon floor mats. We offer our salon, spa and cosmetic industry customers multipurpose mats with a broad scope of applications. These disposable products can be the ideal addition to common areas, such as locker rooms or shower areas. The salon or spa mats can also be strategically placed to catch drips and protect the feet of clients. Since they are disposable, the products serve as sanitary floor coverings that feel comfortable underfoot. Bags of bulk floor mats, which perform well in commercial environments, can be ordered from Qosmedix. Professionals will be able to plan ahead for a process by placing a plastic mat beneath their work area. When the task is completed, the mess can be discarded along with the mat. Qosmedix was founded to help reduce the risks of cross-contamination during beauty product sampling and services. With a commitment to sanitary environments, we help you do everything from maintaining clean floors with mats to sanitizing skin with alcohol pads.

Multipurpose Mats at Wholesale Prices

Versatile floor mats will help to keep clients’ feet clean and dry. Our multipurpose mats at wholesale prices deliver a unique combination of light weight with the strength you need. Put a wholesale floor mat down in all the locations where you are concerned about providing a welcoming, sanitary floor. For decades, Qosmedix has been supplying all types of disposable essentials for the beauty industry, including cotton swabs and makeup applicators. Though many of our products are single-use, every disposable we carry is designed to deliver professional solutions. Browse our site or request a catalog to discover the wholesale mats and other essentials you need now.