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Part # 503763
Metallic Temporary Tattoos, Laguna Silver Collecti ...

Join the latest fashion trend with Fashion Tat's temporary metallic jewelry tattoos. They are easy to apply and last approximately 4-6 days. Fashion Tats are the perfect accessory for any occasion! Water resistant. WARNING: Do not apply to sensitive skin, near eyes, or if allergic to adhesive.
This collection includes one 6 inch x 8 inch sheet ...

Jewelry Tattoos

Your retail selection will shine with jewelry tattoos that clients love to wear. Qosmedix distributes the Fashion Tats brand of best-selling metallic jewelry tattoos. Our resale packages feature different temporary tattoo styles that inspire clients to create beautiful body jewelry. The tattoos come in convenient, three-sheet packages and include great choices for gold or silver body art. Each design lasts from four to six days. Temporary jewelry tattoos are a phenomenon that’s taken a firm hold in fashion. Like makeup and fragrance, body jewelry allows the wearer to express their personal style. The designs gracefully glimmer on the skin. Necklaces, bracelets, armbands, rings, distinctive shapes, and themed images are all easily applied for a waterproof tattoo of silver or gold. If your business offers a variety of retail products, such as hair accessories and spa bath products, jewelry tattoos will make an attractive addition to your displays.

Fashion Tattoos for Temporary Body Artistry

They dazzle, shine and sparkle. Makeup artists can provide their clients with our fashion tattoos for special occasions. At Qosmedix, we offer best-selling body art as an amazing add-on service for your clientele. Our collections of temporary metallic jewelry tattoos feature eye-catching designs. Clients will be hooked on stenciled art with delicate lines that are safe for skin. Retail packs of jewelry-inspired tattoos allow wearers to coordinate their designs with an event, outing, special outfit or mood! Isn’t it time to add the shimmer of metallic body jewelry to your retail collections? We invite you to browse our packages of fashion tattoo art now.