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Part # 17105
50-Page Face Makeup Chart Pad

Plan out makeup looks or educate students and clients about makeup application and color concepts with this 50-page face chart pad. The textured paper tears off easily, holds powder and liquid cosmetics and shows the true pigment of the product.
11 inch x 8.5 inch (279.4 mm x 215.9 mm)

Makeup Face Charts

Before the makeover or cosmetic demonstration begins, professionals can use makeup face charts to show clients the potential results of makeup artistry. A pre-designed makeup chart provides the perfect diagram for demonstrating your technique and where specific products will be applied to the face. The charts come in a convenient pad of fifty sheets, and every sheet can serve as a work surface to discuss beauty options and anticipated results. If the plan of action includes new cosmetic applications, the chart can also document product types and brand names that are used during the appointment. Chart pages may be easily detached from the pad and given to a client, displayed during the service, or filed away for future reference. In addition, our blank face charts for makeup artists are valuable resources for planning out cosmetic applications in advance. The charts can even be used as educational tools when training makeup artists and estheticians.
The new look that is revealed in the makeup mirror can be initially organized on the face chart according to the eyes, cheeks and lips. We offer multipurpose pads, which are wrapped and sold individually, to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes. At Qosmedix, we understand the need for specialized products, such as makeup face charts, oil blotting papers, and waxing strips. We’re fully focused on providing top quality merchandise for the cosmetic, spa and salon industries. Our customer commitment makes it simple to order beauty supplies, in the quantities you need, backed by excellent service. Take a look now!

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