Dual Ended Blemish Extractor

Part # 513616

Easily remove blemishes during facial treatments with this stainless steel comedone extractor with double loops. The small loop can be used to extract whiteheads and the larger, flat loop can be used to extract blackheads. After sterilizing the tool, place loop over the blemish and press down gently while rocking from side to side. The debris will rise up through the loop. Remove residue with alcohol wipe, tissue or cotton pad. Resterilize the extractor and repeat as needed. For professional use only.
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Measurements: 4.8 inch (121.9 mm)
Material: SS
Packaging: Individually Wrapped
Customizable Options*:

5,000 Pieces to Change the Finish or Change the Shape. 

Price: $1.35 Each

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