Part # 292891
Lid for 2 oz./60 ml Measuring Cup

Secure your product using this polypropylene lid, which fits our 2 oz., 60 ml measuring cup (Part # 29289).

Part # 89209
Measuring Cup with Markings for oz., ml, cc, tbs, ...

Measuring Cup with Markings for oz., ml, cc, tbs, and drams
2 Tablespoons, 1 oz., 30 ml; 1.4 inch (35.6 mm)

Measuring Cup

Measure various types of liquid formulations with these polypropylene food grade graduated measuring cups. Available in 20 ml (0.67 oz.) and 60 ml (2 oz.).
More Options Available


More Options Available

Large Disposable Cup and Lid

Sample, mix or store various types of cosmetic formulations with this 120 ml (4 oz.) food grade polypropylene cup. The corresponding PET lid, Part # 90632 is also available for purchase.

Find The Best Disposable Measuring Cups In Bulk

The Best Wholesale Measuring Cups

Qosmedix offers the best wholesale measuring cups for professional use. Our product selection is designed to help you achieve precise measurements of product formulations. We provide a comprehensive array of cups in different volume capacities, materials and colors. Measurement cups with printed indicators make it easy to determine exact amounts of liquid or dry products. Qosmedix has quality saucers, cups and solution bowls that support accuracy and efficiency in a range of laboratory and beauty industry environments. We are committed to providing the best measuring cups and spoons in bulk.

Disposable Cups for Measuring Liquids

It is vital to measure liquids for the salon, spa or medical environments quickly and correctly. Our disposable measuring cups are available with oz., ml, cc, tbs and dram indicators to make sure that accurate amounts are used. These cups are popular supplies for the salon, spa and cosmetic industries. A solution bowl or measuring cup contributes to the mixing of ingredients in proper proportion. Choose between reusable or disposable measuring cups, depending upon requirements. Our huge selection of measurement products also includes: plastic pipettes, glass beakers, funnels and more.

Ordering Cups and Lids in Bulk

At Qosmedix, we make buying the essentials you need fast, easy and affordable. Ordering cups and lids in bulk quantities can support your accuracy and safety requirements. We offer lids that snap on measuring cups to prevent spills and splashes. Our popular polypropylene cups are also available in 80-cup sleeves. Your business will be prepared for the measurement and movement of liquids or solids when you order our disposable measuring cups and lids in bulk today.

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