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Part # 94101
Dual Sided Callus Remover

This dual sided callus remover made with 100 and 180 grit sandpaper is perfect for exfoliating skin during pedicures, leaving it smooth and supple.
100/180 Grit; 9.75 inch (247.7 mm)

Professional Callus Removers And Foot Files For Pedicures

Foot Files

Our selection of effective foot files meet professional demands. Each file is designed for pedicure treatments in the salon or spa environment, as well as for at-home use. They feature shapes and materials that cater to your clients’ needs and comfort. Our professional callus removers soften skin, leaving it supple. We supply these foot-friendly tools in a range of grits. Qosmedix also offers reusable callus remover blocks. A block with a coarse carborundum coating provides a superior solution for more stubborn calluses. Reusable blocks and pedicure foot files make popular retail items or gifts-with-purchase. A client’s needs are met more easily when technicians have access to a variety of pedicure callus removers and nail implements. At Qosmedix, we make ordering specialized salon products, individually or in bulk, easy, fast and affordable.

Professional Callus Remover for Pedicures

Smoother, softer soles begin with a professional callus remover. By using the right foot file, calluses are reduced and skin is renewed. A dual-sided foot file provides multiple benefits in one product. The higher-grit side takes care of calluses. A lower-grit or sponge side eases away dry skin and improves texture. Our professional callus removal tools have great features, such as handles that can be conveniently hung for quick access. Customized handles are also a great way to publicize the name of a spa or nail salon. From files to spa slippers, Qosmedix is an industry leader in providing pedicure supplies that contribute to soft, supple feet. Whether you order a single item or supplies in bulk, you will receive the same dedicated service and personalized attention to your order. Why not contact us today to learn more?

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