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Part # 70918
Slanted Single Hole Tip for 70914, 70916, 70922, 7 ...

This Slanted Single Hole Tip Applicator fits with our Clear Dial Up Applicator Tube (Part # 70914) and our Clear Click Pen Applicator Tube (Part # 70916).
0.27 inch Diameter x 1.18 inch (6.9 mm x 45.7 mm)

Part # 70920
Slanted Single Hole Tip, White for 70914, 70916, 7 ...

This slanted silicone single hole tip applicator conveniently fits with several of our tubes including the 1 ml clear dial-up applicator tube (70914), 2.8 ml click pen applicator tube (70916), 2 ml dial-up applicator tube (Part #70922), and 3.85 ml dial-up applicator tube (Part #70924).
0.3 inch Diameter x 1.1 inch (7.6 mm x 27.9 mm)

Airless Bottle with Lotion Pump and Overcap

Help maintain efficacy of lotions and liquid cosmetic and skin care formulations with this airless bottle. The corresponding airless pump mechanism (Part #29941) dispenses just the right amount of product every time. Available in 15 ml, 20 ml, and 30 ml.

Part # 29568
Powder Spray Bottle with Smooth Neck, Clear

This refillable 120 ml spray bottle features a medium mist sprayer for applying powder and glitter formulations. The unique, patented interior mechanism helps gather the product towards the inner tube, allowing for maximum product depletion. Perfect for packaging body powders, dry shampoo and fragrance powders. This item is also a great alternative to traditional aerosol packaging.
120 ml, 4 oz.

Wholesale Cosmetic Bottles

We make it simple to shop for wholesale cosmetic bottles in the type or size to complement your products. Qosmedix offers bottles in a broad spectrum of designs. This includes products with flip, roller ball, dropper, screw cap, plug or pump tops. We stock clear or colored options made from a variety of different materials. You can also order dispenser, airless and spray bottles. Our bottle shapes are also wide-ranging – from narrow to wide-necked and from cylindrical to square. The empty cosmetic bottles at Qosmedix are available in a variety of materials, such as aluminum or LDPE. Our selection features products for the ideal packaging of cosmetic formulations. We have wholesale bottles for foundations or skin care creams. Whether you need a bottle with a safety cap or a clear cosmetic vial, we are your source for stock packaging supplies featuring quality and reliability.

Lotion and Skin Care Bottles in Bulk Quantities

Qosmedix is here to serve businesses of all sizes. We provide lower minimum ordering requirements on our cosmetic and skin care bottles, so more businesses can receive the exact bottles they need for storage and distribution. We also offer high-volume discounts for customers who wish to order wholesale lotion bottles or cosmetic jars in bulk. Customizations are available on all of our bottles to help businesses promote their brands effectively. A quality bottle can be attractively customized with a logo or imprint. A custom color can deliver optimal impact. Choose your ideal bottle now, chat with a knowledgeable representative live during business hours, or contact us for additional product information.

Wholesale Vials

Qosmedix is a trusted source for all types of cosmetic packaging, including wholesale vials that meet specific stock packaging needs. Our vials come in a variety of styles, such as screw cap/plug, applicator tip, sprayer and roller ball. They are available in a full range of sizes starting at 1 ml. Unique features can support smart packaging solutions. Self-standing designs make filling empty cosmetic vials easier. A strap-attached screw cap means the correct cap is always on hand. Once a product is properly packaged, it can be offered as a sample, for individual resale, or as part of a collection in a wholesale makeup bag. At Qosmedix, we cater to all types of businesses with low minimum order requirements. We also offer volume discounts when larger quantities of wholesale cosmetic tubes and vials are needed. Do you want a custom cap color or a logo on a roller bottle? We’re here to help promote your brand!

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