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Part # 508100
Foil Wrap

Add to the effectiveness of special body treatments by enveloping your customers with this silver foil wrap which helps contain heat and moisture.
59 inch x 83 inch (149.8 cm x 210.8 cm)

Spa Body Wraps

Full body treatments require spa body wraps that are comfortable and disposable. Our wraps come in measurements to accommodate a wide range of clients. They are conveniently packaged by the box for spa use. Constructed of poly or foil materials, the wraps suit various spa treatments, enhancing their effectiveness. A number of popular treatments work using body heat, which can be efficiently held and distributed by a well-made disposable body wrap. A quality wrap will often work to maximize treatment benefits. When clients arrive in the spa, seeking soft, smooth, glowing skin, the results they see will depend upon proper techniques and products. Our spa wraps for the body are designed especially for professional use in a spa setting. You’ll find that our extensive array of single-use supplies also includes wholesale spa headbands and cotton for spa professionals.

Disposable Foil Body Wraps in the Spa

At Qosmedix, we understand that you need quality supplies in order to provide luxury spa services. That’s why our vast inventory is specially designed, packaged, and customized for the beauty environment. Our disposable foil body wraps eliminate the cleanup hassles from messy or sticky treatment products. They offer single-use coverage that is a more sanitary option during services. Once the foil body wrap is removed, a spa body sham serves as the ideal method of wiping products from the skin. Also use a soft sham to pat a client dry or to prepare the skin for a final product application. By delivering superior beauty supplies and exceptional service, we are constantly striving to surpass the expectations of those in the spa industry. Let us know how we can assist you today!