A Comprehensive Guide to Brow Lamination for Salon Professionals

Salon professionals, get ready to revolutionize your brow services with the transformative technique of brow lamination! As a salon owner or technician, offering brow lamination can significantly enhance your clients' experience and help them achieve flawlessly groomed eyebrows.

Preparing Your Client for a Spray Tan or Wax

As the seasons change and the weather starts getting warmer, the demand for spray tans and waxing services steadily increases. Nothing can ruin a vacation faster than a streaky tan or irritation from a wax – it’s best to ensure that both you and your clients are adequately prepared for a treatment!

How to Properly Apply False Eyelashes on Your Clients

False eyelashes come in all shapes and sizes, and everyone has their own unique way of applying them. Here at Qosmedix, we carry an expansive collection of lashes and accessories – including Ardell® and DUO® brands as well as unbranded lashes that can be private labeled.

The Beauty Professional’s Guide to How to Properly Clean Qosmedix Blending Sponges

Reusable makeup sponges have made applying foundation so easy – and actually kind of fun! Qosmedix offers wholesale pricing on a range of blending sponges.

The Beauty Professional's Guide to Cleaning and Sanitizing Stainless Steel

You take pride in your tools, and right now, stainless steel products are high on every beauty professional’s wish list.

Waxing Without Worry

You care about your clients and their repeat business. That’s why there’s no room in your salon for shortcuts in sanitary safety.