A Comprehensive Guide to Brow Lamination for Salon Professionals

Salon professionals, get ready to revolutionize your brow services with the transformative technique of brow lamination! As a salon owner or technician, offering brow lamination can significantly enhance your clients' experience and help them achieve flawlessly groomed eyebrows.

A New Standard in Beauty: Hygiene Takes Center Stage, Part Two What the Pro’s Should Know About Hygienic Makeup Application

Makeup artists are celebrated for their ability to transform the faces of clients—but today, the impacts of COVID-19 may be transforming the way these beauty professionals work. True, sanitation has always been crucial—it was only last December that a study by the U.K.’s Aston University, highlighted in Forbes, found that nine out of 10 “opened, in-use products” were “contaminated with potentially dangerous bacteria such as E. coli and staphylococci.” Blending sponges proved to be the worst offenders; left damp, they create the ideal environment for bacteria to multiply.
A New Standard in Beauty: Hygiene Takes Center Stage, Part One Bounce Back After COVID-19 With These Expert Tips

As parts of the country begin reopening spas, salons and retail stores, consumers will be keeping a close eye on sanitation practices to ensure their own safety. Hygiene will be more important than ever in the beauty industry on the heels of COVID-19. According to a late-March report in Insider, one million beauty industry providers have been impacted by the recent pandemic and the effects will undoubtedly reverberate in the months, and perhaps years, to come. Therefore, it’s crucial to plan carefully before opening your doors and set forth strict guidelines that reflect the new normal for beauty businesses.
Top Essential Hygienic Supplies for Retail Counters

It’s easy for customers to get caught up in the excitement of a store full of new skincare products and makeup. Sometimes this can lead to unsanitary practices such as finger swatching, double-dipping and even direct application (the horror!). In addition, complimentary makeovers are now offered regularly at cosmetics counters, so all beauty advisors must be fully stocked with plenty of disposable supplies.

How to Clean Your Makeup Brushes Using Qosmedix Professional Makeup Brush Cleaner

After countless requests from our customers, we have finally developed our own Qosmedix Professional Makeup Brush Cleaner to assist beauty professionals with efficiently cleaning their makeup brushes in between clients.

Staying Safe and Sanitary: Top 5 Tips for Makeup Artists

Providing a hygienic working environment is one of the most important things you must do as a beauty professional. It not only keeps your clients safe from an infection or allergic reaction, it can also make your products last longer.

The Beauty Professional’s Guide to How to Properly Clean Qosmedix Blending Sponges

Reusable makeup sponges have made applying foundation so easy – and actually kind of fun! Qosmedix offers wholesale pricing on a range of blending sponges.

The Beauty Professional's Guide to Cleaning and Sanitizing Stainless Steel

You take pride in your tools, and right now, stainless steel products are high on every beauty professional’s wish list.

Waxing Without Worry

You care about your clients and their repeat business. That’s why there’s no room in your salon for shortcuts in sanitary safety.