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Achieve precise and efficient pouring with these polypropylene food grade beakers. Available in a variety of sizes, these single-spout beakers are graduated to measure out an exact amount of liquid formulations.
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Wholesale Graduated Cylinders And Beakers For Measuring

Graduated Cylinders

Precise liquid measurements are determined with graduated cylinders that hold various volume capacities. In comparison to the beaker, a graduated cylinder normally has a higher percentage of accuracy in measuring. However, since the cylinder shape is tall and narrow, a beaker is often preferred over the graduated cylinder for ease in mixing formulations. Both our wholesale beakers and graduated cylinders are standard lab equipment. These quality products are also useful for the innovator who is creating beauty products or the contract cosmetic manufacturer. Our extensive measuring inventory includes cylinders, beakers, cups and funnels that complement a range of commercial and beauty industry applications.

Plastic or Glass Beakers Offer Value

Creating formulations and managing solutions requires reliable plastic or glass beakers from trusted brands. We offer wholesale glass beakers that come in packages of 6 to 12, as well as plastic beakers in bulk packaging. The beaker’s wide mouth supports effective stirring. A pouring lip is beneficial for easily transferring a mixed solution into another container or sample bottle. The glass beakers feature distinct, easy-to-read markings to assist with accurate measurement. Sturdy construction is helpful in preventing spills. Our selection of plastic disposable beakers offers convenience combined with value.

Wholesale Disposable Beakers for the Lab

At Qosmedix, we have the supplies that support innovation and product management. Our wholesale disposable beakers simplify measurement, mixing and pouring. With plastic beakers and disposable graduated cylinders available, new formulations are created with enhanced convenience. We are experts in delivering disposable products you can rely on every day. We have plastic disposable beakers for laboratories and disposable makeup applicators for cosmetics businesses. We invite you to take a look at all we offer!

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