Ardell® Professional Deluxe Pack Wispies, Black

Part # 513538

The world’s #1 lash adhesive and world’s best-selling false eyelashes are available for the first time together! This Deluxe Pack includes two pairs of Ardell® Wispies False Eyelashes, one travel sized DUO® Eyelash Adhesive in Clear/White (0.09 oz., 2.5 grams) and a soft-touch lash applicator to quickly and effortlessly adjust and apply lashes.
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Measurements: 3.95 inch x 5.4 inch (100.5 mm x 138.75 mm)
Material: Human Hair
Packaging: 2 Pairs of Wispie Lashes, 1 Travel Sized DUO, 1 Lash Applicator Per Set

Price: $4.59 Per Set
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