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Part # 99136

43 inch (1092.2 mm) Long

Part # 599771
Betty Dain Switch Convertible Stylist Apron, Black

This versatile apron by Betty Dain can be converted into a tool skirt by simply folding the top panel over. Made from lightweight polyurethane, this machine-washable apron is both chemical color proof and waterproof. There are also bottom zipper pockets for easy removal along with adjustable neck and back closures.
30 inch wide x 26.55 inch long (762 mm x 673.1 mm ...

Part # 599772
Betty Dain Luminous Stylist Apron, Black

This water resistant, machine-washable apron by Betty Dain has an adjustable neck closure and bottom zippered pockets for easy removal.
27.5 inch wide x 32.25 inch long (698.5 mm x 819. ...

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Disposable Aprons

The convenience of disposable aprons allows technicians, estheticians and other service providers to benefit from a protective barrier. Our aprons are designed to provide reliable splash, drip and spill protection, especially to those that perform beauty treatments. From the spa to the makeup counter, an apron shields clothes from stains and damage. The disposable poly apron is a convenient, popular and comfortable option. Products made from reliable poly materials offer coverage that’s lightweight and ready-to-wear. An apron designed for business use can support a range of commercial applications, and we make it easy to order economical aprons in bulk packaging. Client protection is also available across our quality apparel lines. We supply disposable capes for dependable coverage. Qosmedix is committed to providing essential single-use products that offer convenience and value to salons, spas and cosmetic businesses worldwide.

Wholesale Poly Apron Protection

Our salon apparel selection includes wholesale aprons made specifically for commercial use. Wearers gain front coverage with a greater range of protection from shoulder to thigh. The apron materials share flexibility in movement, as they safeguard clothing or uniforms from product exposure. A wholesale apron from Qosmedix is ideal for beauty service environments. The polyethylene material simplifies quick cleanups in the salon, spa or retail setting. These multipurpose aprons can go beyond beauty applications. They are often paired with shoe covers for industrial or food service tasks. Our sales team is ready to share additional information on our disposable aprons, linens and apparel that serve multiple industries.