12-Piece Trapezoid Shaped Slim Sponge Block, White

Part # 20143

Maintain hygiene during makeovers with this convenient latex-free polyurethane foam sponge block separates into 12 trapezoid shaped sponges. The unique shape of the sponge makes it easy to apply product to hard to reach areas such as underneath the eyes.
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Measurements: Block: 7.75 inch x 2.9 inch x 0.75 inch (196.9 mm x 73.7 mm x 19.1 mm); Each: 1.88 inch x 0.75 inch x 1.3 inch x 1 inch (47.8 mm x 19.1 mm x 33 mm x 25.4 mm)
Material: Latex-Free PU Foam
Packaging: Individually Wrapped

Price: $0.90 Per Block
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