10-Piece Brush Set with Zippered Case, Black

Part # 50097

Perfect for makeup artists or retail sale, this 10-piece natural wood professional brush set has all the necessary tools to create a beautiful makeover. The set comes complete with a black zippered leatherette case.
Material: PU, Nylon
Packaging: Individually Wrapped Set
Customizable Options*:

1,000 Sets to Print a Logo on the Brush Handles or the Case. 

Price: $10.00 Each
Components Measurements Material
Eye Shadow Applicator 6.75 inch PU Foam
Angled Eyeliner/Brow Brush 6 inch Pony Hair
Flat Topped Eyeliner/Concealer Brush 6.25 inch Nylon
Lash Comb/Brow Groomer 7 inch Nylon
Tapered Lip Brush 7 inch Pony Hair
Concealer Brush 6.25 inch Nylon
Eye Shadow Brush 6.5 inch Pony Hair
Angled Eye Shadow Brush 6.5 inch Pony Hair
Angled Blush Brush 7 inch Pony Hair
Powder/Bronzer Brush 8.5 inch Goat Hair
All Brush Handles Wood
All Brush Ferrules Aluminum
Brush Case 10 inch x 10.5 inch Opened PU, Nylon
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